Words from my soul...
May 15, 2021

My soul is currently bubbling with words that I would like to write to you again...

You know, my goal is to make our pearl into a place that is a small ideal world, where there is nothing but creativity, glitter, inspiring music and always a good mood.
Exactly this love and magic we would like to share with you and give you a moment where you can forget everything.

Lately we've been getting such lovely feedback from you guys, which makes me so happy every time because then we seem to be doing everything right for many of you.

I am a person who finds it difficult to deal with compliments.
I'm also never satisfied with anything and every time, I think that could be done even better.
On one times this constant perfectionism is good, and on other times nothing is ever good enough for me,
especially the things that I do myself.
So it touch me every times to hear from you that you like it and that you feel comfortable in our store.
That is the best compliment for me / us.

 I find it hard to say that I am proud of myself / our shop.
But yes, I am a little bit proud, especially of our loyal customers who have shown us that they will walk the path with us, no matter how difficult it is.

Danke. Thank you. Merci.
Julia Natalie

PS.: These words are written from the heart and are not meant to be sluggish in any way.